Books by Kazakhstan opposition politician Viktor Khrapunov

In November 2013, Viktor Khrapunov’s book “Nazarbaev, Votre Ami le Dictateur” exposing the rule of corruption under Kazakhstan president Nazarbayev, was published in France.

The book has been translated into German and English, appearing under the respective titles Nasarbajew –Unser Freund, Der Diktator and Nazarbayev – Our Friend the Dictator in January–February 2015. It was also published in Russian under the title I accuse! On Nursultan Nazarbayev’s dictatorship.

These books, exposing Nazarbayev’s 27-year long authoritarian rule, have aroused the president’s anger, making him eager to get even with the author’s family.

Following the publication of these books, the Kazakhstan authorities initiated a variety of criminal legal actions in the UK, the US, and Switzerland against the Krapunov family.