Ph.D. in economics, political scientist, electrical engineer, honorary citizen of Almaty and of the Province of Eastern Kazakhstan

Victor Khrapunov

Viktor Khrapunov played an energetic role in his country’s renaissance. His professional conduct during the fifteen years of his employment at a thermal power station under the Soviet regime brought him not only the recognition of his fellows, but also to the attention of the party, which appointed him to roles of political responsibility. With the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1991, Khrapunov’s political commitment intensified to the extent that he was instrumental in the introduction of a number of important reforms. He occupied a series of crucial posts: First Deputy Mayor of Almaty; Energy Minister for Kazakhstan; and Mayor of Almaty (originally the country’s political capital, still its chief cultural and economic centre). Nour-Otan, the party of the republic’s president, then appointed him successively to the functions of Governor and Minister away from the city. Khrapunov retired from politics in 2007 for health reasons. He now lives in Switzerland, from where he continues his commitment to his homeland by encouraging dialogue and democracy.